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Open source predictive analytics & search platform for online stores

How It Works

Our software combines proven marketing techniques with state-of-the-art machine learning to find tons of insights into what customers are doing and what they most likely do in the future.

Connect & Search

customerml connects to your store platform on a scheduled weekly, monthly or other basis, and updates an Elasticsearch cluster with the actual customer, product and purchase data.

This approach directly connects your data with one of todays most advanced search platforms and is a large benefit by its own.

Analyze & Predict

customerml analyzes your customers' purchase behavior and looks for pattern and trends, leveraging established marketing concepts, machine learning and predictive analytics. Based on the power of our Predictiveworks platform, customerml predicts interests and preferences, when existing customers will buy again, how likely they behave in the future, and more.

Load & Search

customerml loads all derived insights into Elasticsearch again, thereby organizing actual and previous insights as a time series. You can compare customer segments over time, follow every individual customer over his or her lifetime and quickly visualize trends in your customers' behavior.

You can directly connect to tons of insights, forecasts and product recommendations by simply applying approved search pattern.


Deliver superior shopping experience with personalized recommendations

Effectively plan personalized cross-sell, discount and promotion campaigns

Identify your high-value customers and find future stars early

Effectively target your customers based on their lifecycle stage

Detect customers who are likely to become repeat buyers

Optimize repeat sales and forecast future sales trends

Find high-value customers at risk of fading away and build effective winback campaigns

Know your customers' preferences and interests, and forecast their future behavior


Customer Segmentation

customerml analyzes the purchase behavior and segments your customer base by recency, frequency and monetary purchase characteristics.

Purchase Metrics

customerml quickly derives statistics from the purchase data and delivers an overview how your business performs in a certain time window.

Loyalty Analysis

customerml delivers an up-to-date loyalty score for every customer and detects those that are at risk to fade away or still stick around with your business.

Customer Value Prediction

customerml looks into the future and predicts the customers' value by each customer segment and even every single customer.

Cohort Analysis

customerml supports you to easily compare how groups of customers behave over time and gives clear insight into the health of your business.

Purchase Forecast

customerml leverages machine learning to predict when customers most likely purchase again, and what amount of money they will probably spend.

Product Analysis

customerml analyzes your products' purchase frequency, discovers those frequently bought together, and identifies your star products.

Persona Analysis

customerml applies machine learning to group customers into meaningful personas with similar purchase behavior and common product interests.

Geospatial Analysis

customerml transforms IP addresses into valuable geospatial profiles, thereby providing insights into your customers' movement profiles.

Personalized Recommendations

customerml applies machine learning to understand your customers' preferences, and provide accurate personalized recommendations.

On Our Roadmap
BigCommerce. Hybris. Magento. WooCommerce.

customerml has been made in the spirit to be helpful for e-commerce teams to add the missing customer perspective to state-of-the-art store platform.

customerml is licensed under the GPL v3. Feel free to contact us, if you need another license or any kind of technical support to integrate customerml in your project environment.

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